Your Hosts

Behind the Podcast

Winnie M.

Winnie is currently an eighth grade student in the Kansas City area. She plays soccer year-round and she also enjoys other things that most teens love: hanging out with (new) friends, exercising, shopping, and going out for brunch.

Vari P.

I will be attending the University of Missouri Kansas City this coming fall as a trustee’s scholar and will be majoring in finance and political science on a prelaw track. I am very interested in youth voice and public policy and I believe that the youth should be very involved within the public policy system we have because any policies that will be passed will directly affect the youth. I am apart of this focus group because I think it is necessary that we educate others on the issue of youth involvement and public policy.




Janette R.

I am a sophomore on student council representative for my graduating class, Vice President of a social activism club called Withstand, Influence, Notice, Gather, Speak (W.I.N.G.S), and publicist for the Coalition of Racial Equality club. I also participate in the Youth Equity Stewardship program for my school district. I am passionate about making a difference by advocating and providing opportunities for those who feel they might not have a strong voice, regardless of their race, gender orientation, sexuality, etc. I am also passionate about learning and bringing awareness about social issues in our world. I feel that youth have an opportunity to express how they feel and make a change in the world. Youth voice matters since it’s only a matter of time until we are the ones responsible for what will happen to our world soon.

Madison T.

Madison is so excited to have collaborated on the “I’ll Tell You When You’re Older” podcast. She is actively involved in her school and the Kansas City community. Madison is the Online Editor in Chief of her school newspaper, as well as a member of band, theatre, tennis, debate, and multiple clubs. She is also a Kansas City Zoo Volunteen, where she actively supports and educates on environmental initiatives. Madison loves her city and has been known to explore the KC food/coffee shop scenes in her free time. Post-high school, she hopes to major in intercultural studies with a social justice/international development concentration. Madison is thrilled to share this project with you and hopes it encourages authentic conversation and reflection among listeners. 

Erin Williams

Erin W.

My name is Erin, and I am currently a high school senior in the Kansas City area. Like many other local adolescents, my life so far has been a compilation of studies and extracurriculars filled with a loving support system that is the Kansas City community. In more recent years I have found an inclination for humanities related extracurriculars such as in Poetry Out Loud, Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, Social Justice Programs, and service on a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council. As a youth, I also unfortunately understand how it feels to be disregarded or taken for granted simply because of my age. I empathize with all youth who are expected to remain silent while adults do all the work and the balance of our lives is upset as a result. We have the right to better our community. We have the right to youth advocacy. All of my service efforts have been rooted in one goal – to ensure equality and consideration for youth voice – which is why I am honored and ecstatic to participate in the “I’ll Tell You When Your Older” podcast.