Season 01

Episode 01

An Origin Story

In this episode, Erin examines the origin stories of individuals and families who migrated to Kansas City’s Historic Northeast from abroad…

Photo of baked goods at Elvira's bakery in Northeast Kansas City

Episode 002

El Sabor of the Northeast

In this episode, Madison discusses the variety of tastes and traditions throughout the Historic Northeast…

Episode 003

Let’s Discuss Bullying

In this episode, Winnie is joined by her mom and local teacher Jessica to discuss the difficulties of dealing with bullies. This intergenerational conversation gives listeners  a better understanding…

Photo of the Super Flea in Northeast
Photo of Mural in Historic Northeast KC

Episode 004

Rediscovering Culture

Janette sits down with her mother to discuss the importance of her Latinx identity. Janette presents probing questions to her mom to…

Episode 005

Our Policies, Our Voices

In this episode, Vari discusses the need for a greater youth-voice presence in creating policies that directly affect youth…

Photo of stop sign

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