About Us

YouthLed KC is a youth capacity building agency that is bridging the gap between school and work, helping to prepare the next generation with the essential skills necessary to lead to promising futures.

YouthLed is an equity-centered nonprofit managing an internally created portfolio of programs, projects, and pilots that create a network for technology, community, investment, education and business sectors to work directly with youth, and come together to solve regional problems, and help transform communities.

We believe that young people are the social innovators of our time, able to transform their communities with their voice and leadership, through real-world experiences.

Youth fuel and inform everything we do, and this is the medium by which we create social innovation, impact and equity.

Mission & Vision


  • Accelerate student-centric influence and change
  • Catalyze how stakeholders champion youth priorities
  • Inspire and support youth empowerment through career-facing experiences


  • Energize and develop workforce opportunities in various learning spaces
  • Equip regional stakeholders with the tools and the language to transform the youth workforce landscape
  • Create an atmosphere of intergenerational intentionality for workforce opportunities

We develop future leaders.

Every young person has the right to be able to meet their basic needs and access equal opportunities to reach their potential.

YouthLed KC was birthed out of previous initiatives to create opportunities that are contextually embedded and acknowledge a wide range of social-cultural identities.

(Hocking, 2017)

Who’s Behind YouthLedKC?

William Dowdell

William Dowdell

Founder, Executive Director

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