Planting the Seeds of Leadership

What We’re About

We believe that young people are the true social innovators of our time, able to transform their communities with their voice and leadership, through real-world experiences.


A platform focusing on essential social issues as identified by our youth.

What We’re Known For

Youthled KC is bridging the gap between school and work, helping to prepare the next generation with the know-how and essential-skills necessary to lead to fulfilling and promising jobs and careers.

Rethink Youth Conference

Rethink Youth Conference

The Rethink Youth conference brought together students 15 years and older to engage in a 1+ day convening to explore and shape the future of education from a learner’s lens.

Hire KC

Hire KC is historically the largest provider of paid internships in the Kansas City region. In partnership with YouthLed KC, Hire KC helps high school and college students find and get paid internships that will set them up for success, and a great future.

I'll Tell You When You're Older

The Youthled Impact Team’s podcast gives youth a platform to focus on social issues
identified as being essential to youth. The first season of I’ll Tell You When You’re Older focuses on standing in solidarity with Kansas City’s Historic Northeast youth

Youth empowerment is focused on creating greater community change that, in its methods, relies on the development of individual capacity. It is only through this immersion that communities will be able to promote the development of all youth and adults.

– Jennings, Parra-Medina, Hilfinger-Messias, and McLoughlin, 2006

What the Youth are Saying

Hear from some of the students who have participated in YouthLed KC’s initiatives.

We believe frameworks work.

Relevant organizational frameworks can be used to address the gap between rhetorical ‘lip service’ and actual power sharing with young people in decision making. (Blakeslee and Walker, 2018)

Our Youth-Voice(s) Framework-to-Practice Model seeks to shift our regional schools, organizations, and municipalities away from a high dependency on outside institutions to minimize failure and guide them towards an equitable system built on collaboration.

Looking to engage youth and increase their involvement in your programs and initiatives?